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Choco Andino

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A number of tour and travel companies claim to provide you with dream vacations and ideal holidays in Ecuador. However, none of those firms are us; we do not organize vacations, we help create memories. There are so many reasons why you should choose us, but here are the top four:
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  • We put the safety of our customers first so all the places we recommend or book are secure for families, couples, groups and solo travelers.

  • We create tailored packages too depending on our customers’ budget, interests and travel preferences.

You can check out the current tours we have planned to get an idea about how we plan a vacation – the places, activities and rates. We are currently offering tours to the newly opened Choco Andino de Pichincha in Ecuador and the places surrounding it such as Mindo.


Exploring the reserve

Located in the Pichincha province in the north-west of Ecuador is one of the country’s prized jewel – the Choco Andino de Pichincha. Choco Andino de Pichincha encompasses the dense and humid forest of the Chocó-Darien, which shelters innumerable species of birds and mammals. The country already had six biosphere reserves, before Choco Andino de Pichincha, which was officially declared as one by UNESCO on July 25, 2018.

The reserve offers a number of attractions for nature lovers and adventure tourists who can indulge in activities such as bird watching. There are around 500 different species of birds, each with the unique characteristics, vibrant colors, and sweet calls. Tourists can view these amazing creatures in their own habitat with Ecuador birdwatching tours.

Anyone who visits biosphere reserve is bound to stay at or at least visit the beautiful valley of Mindo which is nothing less than something out of a fairytale or a dream. It is every nature lovers’ retreat and the place they one day want to end up living.

Attractions of Mindo Ecuador

Mindo is a small village located just two hours away from the Quito International Airport. Located in the Andes Mountains, this picturesque village surrounded by a cloud forest is known to be home to hundreds of butterflies, birds, and orchids.

Birding in Ecuador:

Birding in Ecuador is a popular sport especially in Mindo, Ecuador. Bird watchers and nature photographers will cross paths with the objects of their fascination without so much as lifting to find them. Coming across one of these amazing creatures is pretty simple. A person could be having a cup of coffee at the local café or enjoying a hike in the crisp morning air when they hear the incessant chirring of these rare birds. Otherwise, there is always the option of booking a Mindo birdwatching tour to acquaint yourself with the local bird species. When spotted, the birds will not shy away, which presents for a great opportunity for birding enthusiast and photographers to snap spectacular shots of them for their portfolio.

Tarabita & Waterfalls sanctuary:

Another popular activity, which travelers can enjoy while in Mindo, Ecuador, is the tarabita. The tarabita is a small motor powered cable car, which will take you soaring above a verdant river basin and the dense forest canopy, all the way to the waterfalls. From there you can go in hikes and explore what is considered nature at its best with waterfalls, greenery, and peace.

Butterfly farm:

The reserve and the surrounding areas have a lot more to offer, which can make for an interesting and enjoyable holiday such as the butterfly farm. There are a number of butterfly farms in the town of Mindo, which are open for tours. These butterfly farms are working to conserve and multiply the local butterfly population. These butterfly farms are a unique experience, which is not something city dwellers have experienced or even heard of in some cases.

Hummingbird garden:

Another unusual yet rather fascinating place in Mindo Ecuador is the hummingbird garden. The hummingbird garden is a treat for bird watchers who can easily and effortlessly take close up shots of these tiny beauties with their cameras. A few of the types of hummingbirds that are found here are the Green Crowned Brilliant Hummingbird, Andean Emerald Hummingbird, and the Western Emerald Hummingbird. Tourists from around the world come to this spot to enjoy the tranquility of nature mixed with the sweet melody of the chirping hummingbirds.

Orchid garden:

Mindo is filled with breathtaking views which are further accentuated by the rows of orchids encompassing the valley which includes both the ones growing wild in the cloud forest and the orchid gardens. The orchid gardens have a number of varieties of orchids growing in them. You will find orchids in various colors. While touring the place, you will be entrapped into getting a bouquet or two of the orchids for yourself.

Chocolate tour:

Mindo, Ecuador has something to offer not just to nature lovers, birdwatchers, or hikers, but also to foodies, chocolate lovers, and culinary enthusiasts. Travelers will not just feast their eyes but will also be appeasing their sweet tooth during the chocolate tour that attracts more than 2000 tourists to Mindo each month. The tour takes place from Monday to Friday between 10:00am to 5:00pm.

It is the ultimate experience, which starts with tasting the fresh cocoa fruit. The cocoa fruit will be picked from the tree directly in front of visitors. The entire evolutionary process of the cocoa fruit turning into cocoa and then chocolate is shown in this tour. During this journey, the attendees of the tour will be tasting various mouthwatering products including chocolate bars, chocolate sauce, chocolate tea and maybe even brownies. It is every chocolate lovers dream come true.

Coffee tour:

If you like coffe, it´s a “must-do”.


There are numerous trails, nature walks and unexplored spots in the Andes which make it a great hiking spot both for experienced hikers and amateurs. So start packing your hiking gear…

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“Visiting Mindo Ecuador and the Choco Andino de Pichincha was truly an experience of a life time. I went there with my fiancée and both of us had an amazing time. We went on romantic walks across the valley, strolled through the orchid garden, and saw so many beautiful species of butterflies.”
“I have travelled to different countries and explored multiple places but Mindo is one of those places that just blows your breath away. Visiting Mindo is definitely something that should be on every travel enthusiast’s bucket list”
“We aren’t frequent travelers which is why we were a bit hesitant about going off to a new country to a remote location. However, we had an amazing vacation. The agent confirmed all our bookings beforehand and the overall experience was great. There weren’t any unnecessary delays, unexpected cancellations, or boring tours; the whole thing was perfectly planned to the last detail.”

Best tours

If you want to find out all that we have to offer then hurry over to the tours section so you can start planning your next best vacation.

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Do you want to experience the wonders of Mindo – taste the freshly made chocolate, hike through the forest, go on a birding tour? If yes, then get in touch with us immediately.

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